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Urgent Request:  Please make your voice heard about the latest proposal for housing before 2nd May 2018   For more guidance on how to have your say to keep the airfield please go to and follow the link to the council’s website.

About the Project

Panshanger Aerodrome was an active airfield starting in 1940 all the way up to the 19th September 2014. It was home to North London Flying School, who had just over 15,000 members making it one of the most popular flying schools in the country. Not just popular, but a centre of excellence which was ranked the number one flying school in the UK for flight training. It also housed the bustling Out Of The Box Cafe, a very popular site for many members of the local community as well as any hungry pilots stopping by.

Panshanger was not just integrated into the heart of its surrounding community, but was a community centre in itself. Events and programmes such as the annual Fireworks night and Young Aviators Day drew thousands of local residents, and were not only resounding successes but a real boost to the local economy too with many people travelling far and wide to attend the events. Many hearts were broken when the front gates where locked and the last aircraft took off with no intention to land there again.

Due to the overwhelming support from the local community, such as Panshanger people ( websites – Panshanger People  and SavePanshanger  ), Holwell Hyde Heritage and local hero Colin Fitch, the council made a U-turn to include an airfield as a mixed development within the local plan, giving us the amazing possibility that it can operate again.

Panshanger Community Airfield is the entity behind Project Phoenix which was formed by a group of local community experts who are passionate about aviation and care about the community. Together we need your help reopening the aerodrome under the name of Project Phoenix to recreate the true magic that was present on the airfield.

The first goal has already been achieved which was to raise £10,000 by 31st October 2017 to develop a feasibility and awareness campaign.   Date for next hearing of local plan announced – 20th February at The Campus, Council Buildings, Welwyn Garden City ALE 6AE. For more information, please visit

“There are many hurdles to overcome, and it will require the goodwill and support of many organisations, including the local council, but people power can help ensure that  Welwyn and Hatfield isn’t just somewhere to live but a community that is proud of itself and looks confidently towards its future, where youngsters will continually be inspired and believe that only the sky is the limit”

– The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Help us create an airfield that is not only integrated with the local and aviation community, but the beating heart of the community itself.


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