Project Phoenix  – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my money going and who will benefit?

The money raised through the crowd funding site will be allocated to a promotional campaign to demonstrate public support to back our proposal.   An additional area of expenditure will be allocated towards elements of the business and sustainability plan.  For example, there will be a number of ground and feasibility studies to be undertaken to support the location of the runway and plans for the associated buildings to support the aerodrome.


How do I know the land wont just be sold for development in a few years?

The conditions stipulated under the land purchase agreement will prevent this happening.


What happens if you don’t spend all the donations and the project fails?

In the event of failure of the project due to unforeseen circumstances any money not spent on the project will be returned by the project treasurer. All costs will be recorded and made available upon request. Should you have any further questions then please contact us.


Will it be noisy for local residents and will it be safe?

By using modern aircraft which are more environmentally friendly, noise will be reduced. Safety is the main concern of the regulatory bodies such as the CAA and will be strictly adhered to.


Who is behind Project Phoenix?

Panshanger Community Airfield is the entity behind Project Phoenix was formed by a group of local community experts that are passionate about aviation and bringing Panshanger back to the community asset it was before the closure.

If you have skills to offer and would like to join the team then please get in touch

With backgrounds in aviation engineering, architectural site planning, flight school training and marketing the team are more than qualified to take on this challenge


How will Project Phoenix benefit the community?

Project Phoenix has been set up by Panshanger Community Airfield who have always held the vision that the Aerodrome was a community asset and it is time to give back it to the community so everyone benefits.

We want to restore Panshanger not only to the exemplary state it was in, but to push even further and achieve things that not only Welwyn & Hatfield will be proud of but that the whole of the UK could benefit from.

Part of our vision is that Panshanger will become a benchmark aerodrome for the general aviation industry, displaying excellence in flight training, engineering, historical preservation and community integration.


What historical buildings remain at Panshanger Aerodrome and can they be used?

Unfortunately some of the historical buildings including the big hangar have been knocked down. However, there are some that remain and we are working together with local historians to see how we can bring them back to life within our project.


Where will the runway be?

The runway will have to be located in a different place to where it currently is now so this will take a bit of planning work and consultations with the CAA to get it approved.  The money from pledges and donations will go towards this part of the project in order to put a viable plan to the council.

What stage is the local plan currently at?

The local plan is currently at the stage of review by the inspectorate, which is a process that could take up to six months starting from September.  The role of the inspectorate is to review the plan in accordance with set criteria that central government have developed for all local housing plans.   There are four stages as part of the process which cover different areas.  Once the plan is approved, then it can move to the next stage.  For more information on the process and updates, please visit the Welwyn and Hatfield council public consultation website (link to


What if the council are not in support of the Airfield development?

We have had several meetings with the council regarding the airfield and the fact that a mixed development is in the plan shows some support.  Our view is that the council has been appointed by the local community to fulfil a role to not only meet the needs of the people but central government too.  As this is a  local community project, we are keeping a close eye on the procedures that are followed to ensure that all parties needs are being met.


What if the project is unsuccessful?

As a team that has already achieved many successes, failure is not an option that we conceive in our minds.  The team behind Project Phoenix have the expertise and skills in aviation to make Panshanger Aerodrome a real benefit to the local community.  If the people really want the airfield back, we believe in people power to make it happen.  Therefore, if you support what we are about please share the pages on social media, talk to friends and make a pledge or donation to the project.  Please also read our terms and conditions regarding pledges and donations.


How can I get more involved in Project Phoenix?

We would love to have you more involved, just get in touch and let us know what skills and expertise you have to offer.  Even if you have some spare time on your hands to get involved in the campaigning or have a specific area of expertise such as a legal background, we would love to hear from you.


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