We received a letter from Ray Wilkinson, Head of School Technology and Engineering at University of Hertfordshire stating that they have over 600 aerospace students at any one time, which is the largest in Europe.   This includes 200 students who are undertaking pilot studies programmes, and these are obliged to complete 20 hours of flight training in either light aircraft or microlight aircraft.

He also stated  that a number of students in the past had trained at Panshanger as it is the closest airfield to the University, which assisted students who had limited transport options.   In addition, a significant number of students benefited from work experience at Panshanger, which greatly enhanced their understanding of the technical aspects on their degree programme.  It has also provided opportunities for the University to work with the flying school, and to promote the career opportunities in engineering.

“I have attended several functions at the airfield, demonstrating rockets and giving talks to mainly young people, and building good working relationship between the two organisations in the past.  Reopening  Panshanger  would therefore be of great benefit to the University and the local area.”

We are meeting with the university to discuss how we can work together to create an aerodrome that can facilitate innovation projects and provide flight training for their aeronautical degrees.

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