Our Vision for Panshanger Aerodrome

Project Phoenix has been set up by Panshanger Community Airfield who have always held the vision that the Aerodrome was a community asset and it is time to give it back to the community so everyone benefits. Even though aviation was the main theme, Panshanger Aerodrome was a place of unity that brought people together from all walks of life making it a real community hub and it is still missed by many.

“The community spirit, happiness and plain fun that was had at Panshanger

is extremely difficult to find at any other venue, in fact I have not found such a place again.”

-Dr Matthew Stroud, 2016

At the heart of our vision is humanity, acceptance, awe and wonder that relates to what being human is all about. It’s about changing lives, read how Panshanger changed the lives of: Kieron and Matt.

Imagine a place of learning, inspiration, possibility, passion, honesty, fun and adventure. We want to bring it back through uniting and engaging the community who have fought so hard to keep it in the local plan.

Imagine a welcoming cafe environment serving freshly prepared food throughout the day and baristas serving excellent coffee with outdoor seating areas to watch the planes take off and land.


A place where mums can bring the kids to play freely, cyclists stopping by for refreshments, walkers with their dogs, an educational place for local school trips. A place that welcomes all members and friends of the community making it accessible to all. Imagine a place where disadvantaged groups can come and experience the skies…..Here is an example below of what was achieved for a group of Romanian orphans…..

Charity day for Romanian orphans inspired by one of our aircraft owners – Paul Knott

Imagine a place where you could attend regular events such as Vintage Aircraft / Car Revival Days, Fireworks displays and Aerobatic displays.  Here is a reminder on what was held at Panshanger Aerodrome before it closed……….

Part of our longer term vision is that Panshanger will become a benchmark aerodrome for the general aviation industry, displaying excellence in flight training, engineering, historical preservation and community integration.

It will be a place where Hatfield’s university aviation students can come to do their flight training, engineering apprenticeships and real life work experience.  We have already been in contact with the technology and engineering department within the university to develop the future generation of pilots and engineers. Read more here…

Imagine a place where students and aircraft engineers can run innovation projects to build next generation of light aircraft, developing cleaner, quieter and safer air transport.

Imagine a place where the pursuit of excellence is paramount, alongside a fundamental principal and drive to make aviation accessible to all. We see Panshanger Aerodrome becoming a new hub of excellence for General Aviation, from inspiring aerobatic pilots, to providing flight training to the airline pilots of tomorrow.

“Welwyn & Hatfield have been responsible for some of the most remarkable aviation achievements. From the mosquito to the development of the globes first jet airliner.

Panshanger itself played a critical role in securing our nations survival during the war. Lets ensure Welwyn and Hatfield isn’t just somewhere to live but a community that is proud of itself and looks confidently towards its future, where youngsters will continually be inspired and believe that only the sky is the limit”

– The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP

Imagine a place that not only Welwyn & Hatfield borough can take pride in, the whole country can also be proud of.

“We support the return of an airfield to Panshanger. It is a real asset to our community for business travel, and access to flying lessons. Perhaps more importantly it is an opportunity to welcome back Sue and Haim to the area.

They have been instrumentally involved in the wider community, both in terms of education in the form of visits from Concorde pilots and inspiration from innovation hub that bought us the world fastest aircraft the mosquito, and the world’s first jet powered passenger liner.

Sue and Haim are looking to continue this trend with innovation in the field of quiet aircraft.”

– Nick Brown ,Chairman – Welwyn Hatfield Chamber of Commerce


Together we can build a community place where everyone benefits.

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